Accounting Software Support

Due to the necessity of small companies of keeping their books and financials at an optimum position, there has been an increasing need for the use of technology to achieve that goal. One of the main technology resources that small companies are taking advantage of is financial software.
Financial software is extremely helpful in many ways, particularly when it comes to asses where the company stands in terms of financials, quality performance of operations, and comparison against other periods or even other companies in the same industry;  therefore, increasing significantly the decision making power of the business owners and managers of the organization.
Currently we are offering functional support for two of the main software packages used nation-wide; Peachtree Accounting and Quickbooks. We have extensive knowledge and over 15 years of experience using them, and implementing them for our customers and training their employees in order to obtain the utmost satisfaction for their investment.

We are aware of the fact that when problems arise they need to be resolved in a timely manner. That is why we are offering the Peachtree and Quickbooks functional problem solving service.
This service is directed to organizations already experienced and know ledged in their current financial software, but encounter sudden problems or unexpected situations which need to be solved and understood by the people involved in operating the software. This service includes support in every module used in the software to small technical situations.
Timely problem solving is essential in maintaining the expected operating and financial performance at the desired level, which is why we are committed to help our potential customers in reaching their objectives and helping them along their path to success.