Creating and maintaining Customers in Peachtree by Sage

Create and maintain Customers in Peachtree:

-In order to create a new Customer, one must look for the module menu in the left corner of the screen, where we see “Customers & Sales” and press it. Being in that module, we look for the “Customers” box and after clicking in that box, we will see a drop-down list with more options. Among these options, we find “New Customers” and “View and Edit customers”. We create a new customer by clicking the “New customer” option. By doing so, this window will show several tabs, where all the relevant information related to such customer will be entered. These tabs or sections that will appear in the upper part of the window are the following:

-“General”: General information.
-“Addresses”: This will be used when more than one address will be used.
-“History”: In this section, the balance history of the customer will appear, it will be filled out automatically.
-“Sales info”: In this section, we will enter information regarding the General ledger account that will be used when we invoice the customer, also the shipping methods, price levels used and tax information.
-“Payment & Credit” : In this section, we determine the credit terms for the customer, as well as, any credit card information if given the case.
We use “View and Edit Customer”, when we wish to add, change or eliminate information for an existing customer. The window that appears after we choose this option is the same one that appears when we choose “New Customer”. In order to edit an existing customer, we look in “Customer ID” , clicking the drop-down list. This will make the customer list appear. We the customer to be edited appear, we will double-click on it, and the window mentioned above will appear. In both, when we create or edit a customer, we must save it by clicking in “Save” in the upper-left part of such window.
One important frequently performed modification is when we are not going to use a customer anymore. To make the change correctly, we must click a small square in the upper -right hand of window called “Inactive”. By doing so, we notify the user and the system, that the customer will no longer be the company’s customer but the records and history will be preserved.

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