Create and edit Sales Orders in Peachtree

Create and edit Sales Orders in Peachtree:

We look for the “Sales Order” box right down of “Quotes and Proposals”. By choosing this box, te following options will appear: “New Sales Order” and “View and edit Sales order”.
To create a new Sales Order, we will do the following:

“New Sales Order”: By choosing this option the “Sales Order” window will appear. We choose the customer in the upper-left part of the window in “Customer ID”. We define the shipping addres in “Ship to”, in case this addres is different from the mailing addres. We write the date in the “Date” box, and we write the shipping date in the “Ship by” box. The Sales Order number will be automatically assigned by Peachtree when the SO is printed. In the middle of the window several box will appear; these are: “Customer PO”, Ship Via , “Terms” and “Sales Rep”. All these boxes are filled out automatically according to parameters defined when the customer was created, all except “Customer PO”. After these boxes are filled out, we proceed to write down all the information related to the order itself, such as, quantity, inventory item, description (it comes directly from the inventory item), unit price, total amount, and below that, in the same column, the sales tax. The spaces where that information is filled out appear in the following order; “Quantity”, “Item”, “Descripction”, “Unit Price”, “Amount” and “Sales Tax” (with a drop-down list right next to it.
To edit or modify existing Sales Orders in Peachtree, we select the “Sales Orders” box, and look for the option “View and edit sales orders”. By doing so, a list of existing Sales Orders will appear, and after finding the Sales Order to be modified, we double click on it, making the original Sales Order appear with information already included. Then, we proceed and modify or edit the information we need.

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